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2008-05-10 17:04:51 by IcarusAngel

Im a student at college. Ive uploaded my first game to here so please play it and tell me what you think


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2008-05-10 17:10:47

it's a nice game it is a little hard though


2008-05-15 09:43:48

When i first played it... the blue squares shot past at 100miles an hour, it was like trying to shout through the gaps in a speeding train.

I clicked play again though after I failed and the second time it slowed down a bit to only 2/3 blue squares crossing over the white and red ones and then gradually sped up. I think that maybe this was how it was meant to be played and the first time I played it glitched or something.
Was more fun the second time around heh heh.

I think maybe you should redo summin like this but with targets in the shape of people with varying distance... like some pop up big and others smaller in the back, a counter in the corner to show your score might be cool too, the smaller targets give you bigger score...

You could even create different levels where a certain score has to be achieved in a set time limit, if accomplished you go to the next level. The first level could be the training room, the next could be in a field, then a street with targets appearing in windows or something... maybe even a desert level with sand blowing over the screen or an arctic level with a snow blizzard (Like a transparent layer so you can still see, but its distracting)

Nice going though. I spent quite a bit of time playing it =P

IcarusAngel responds:

Thanks for the comment :)
i have considered everything you said before and i am changing it as its still in production :D for 1 week anyway
but cheers (Y)